As you may already know, bats are extremely beneficial to have in your neighborhood and many property owners spend a lot of effort trying to attract bats to their area by providing artificial roosts for them. If you have bats around your home you are half way to experiencing the benefits of these insect eating mammals but you dont have to share your living space. If it seems you already have bats interested in your location you can provide them with alternative roosting options (bat houses) that will allow them to remain on the property but not have access to your home. If bats do get into your living space, you can have what is called a bat exclusion done. Having bats around your property is very benificial, Why? A single bat can eat up to 1,000 or more insects in one hour! And that is just a single bat, imagine what a colont of 20 to 100 bats can do. Bats will not attact you while enjoying your patio or outdoor decks. In fact thay may make it more enjoyable as they eat away the mosquitos that would otherwise be biting you and your family. When it comes to a bat exclusion timing is important because in the summer months there are maternal colonies that are made up of the mother bats and their pups. The pups are unable to fly until around three weeks of age. It is illegal to removal pups before they can fly. Bats are federally protected in the United States. This is why we offer a partial exclusion that will seal off all but one opening that will allow the mother bats to still find and feed her pups. We monitor the bats and once we know the young are able to fly we will finish sealing your home and putting on the one way doors so that all the bats can safely fly out but can not return. We will also check your attic space for any damage done by the bats and clean out any droppings left behind by doing whats called a Spot Clean or up to a full attic restoration in necessary cases.